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A sensual massage London is performed with both the masseuse and the recipient completely naked. Also known as a naturist massage, it allows to break the barriers between you and the masseuse, enabling you to achieve a complete psychological and physiological state of tranquility. The sensual massage London revolves around the idea of sensual treatment according to erotic principles, which help replenish your body with energy, while at the same time, provide you with unimaginable pleasure.

If you were to draw a diagram showing the relationship between Tantric and Sensual Massage London practitioners in the salon place, you would find that there is a huge overlapping area at the center, and two much smaller but growing areas of separate and ideologically quite distinct practitioners.

The purpose of this article is first to identify the differences – those areas where the circles do not overlap. Then acknowledging the huge overlap in the marketplace, we will look at how clients can exercise discernment when identifying the right practitioner for their needs.

The key underlying difference is the intent of the session of tantric or sensual massage London is:

Erotic massage sessions generally include some educational, aware mess raising or transformation teachings, with the intent to remove limitations to deepening your capacity for pleasure.

Naked Sensual Massage London

Nude Sensual Massage London

Naked Sensual Massage London

Sensual massage London sessions are generally intended as a leisure rather than learning activity, the intent of which is to create a pleasurable experience for the client, that may help him / her relax and let go of responsibility for a time.

You may be familiar with the tantric massage or sensual massage. Some poorly framed teachings out there have led to the understanding that neo-tantra massage is about sex. Whilst sexual energy is an integral part of neo-tantric massage teachings, the central union is not about sex between a man and a woman.

It is about the unity of energy and consciousness within, enabling liberation from conditioned choices those imposed by parents, religion, state etc so that we become completely free beings consciously creating our reality either in line with our own deepest truths, with our soul contract, with spirit, or fulfilling our sensual destiny unimpeded depending what your belief structure is in tantric massage in London.

Roughly speaking the energy or sensual – female aspect is our embodiment and material reality both seen and unseen. Unseen aspects of this reality are accessed by tools such as breath work or meditation and include maps helping us navigate the geography of the unseen, such as the tantra massage, tantric energy or sensual massage London system.

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